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Fall is Upon Us

An exciting, action-filled fall season is upon us here at UMC Mount Kisco! After a restful summer with a number of individuals and families taking vacation, it's time for the church family to regroup and prepare to support community oriented activities once again.

"Eagerly follow the Holy Spirit and serve the Lord. Let your hope make you glad. Take care of God's needy people and welcome strangers into your house." Romans 12:11-13 CEV

We are continuing discussions about the church's mission and ministry in the community we serve and will hold four small group supper meetings starting in late September to put our thoughts into action -- a fresh look ahead at how our house of faith expresses the love of Christ to friends and strangers alike.

UMC MK needs active participation by all its members and friends to realize its goals and stay vibrant. Many times you've heard "the church needs your time, talent and treasure". Well now, in 2017-18 perhaps more than ever, this is true. Our outreach capabilities have been tested by fewer people volunteering, and we have some budget concerns for the coming year -- more generous giving is needed. It's a time to stay faithful and heed the Lord's words about giving being more blessed than receiving.

I encourage you to be an energetic part of our fall church activities, all of which are great opportunities to meet and greet neighbors:

Sunday Sept. 10 Youth JAM Rally Sunday -- outdoor morning worship and activities for youth on the lawn 🏼‍ 🤹🏻‍♀️

Saturday Sept. 16 Fall Flea Market -- Vendor gifts and refreshments; bring a friend and talk about your church with those you meet.

October 5-31 Annual Pumpkin Patch Our largest fundraising event of the year; volunteers are urgently needed to help sell and help the many visitors to "Pumpkin Way" this season.

Yes, there's a lot to be part of this fall! We are blessed with a heritage of doing good things for our neighbors; we need an extra effort this year if we are to continue our good works -- your time and financial support are critical to the church's success now and in the future. May God bless you and inspire you to do all that you can for our Methodist mission in this community.

Pastor Parker

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