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Praying for a safe weekend

Join us for worship on Sunday at 10:15 – it's bound to be a glorious day to praise God.

A Blessing for Workers and All Seeking Work Blessed are you, ever-creating God, in your image, our lives are made; in your glory, we offer all the work of our hearts and hands and minds. Blessed are you, O God, now and forever!

Blessed are you whose work is repaid, for by your work, and by the payment you receive your lives and the lives of others around you and around the world are blessed. We thank God for you day by day.

Blessed are you whose work is unpaid, who offer what you can to enrich the lives of others, through time, talents, skill, strength, and love. We praise God for your generous labor!

Blessed are you who seek work but have not found it, or whose work now is not yet what it may be yet still you seek, that your gifts may be shared more fully. We praise God for your diligent seeking and pray you may soon find!

Yours is the glory in their labors. Yours be the glory in all our lives, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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