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Special Offering for UMCOR

​Dear friends,

We've all been riveted to the news as Hurricane Dorian roared through the Caribbean and up the East Coast. As United Methodists, we can be heart-warmed to know that UMCOR is already at work in the recovery, both in the Bahamas and the U.S.

This Sunday, we'll receive a special offering for the work of UMCOR. There will be an envelope labeled "UMCOR Sunday" in the bulletin for this purpose. You can write a check to the church and indicate on the memo line "UMCOR international" or "UMCOR U.S." and the church will forward the donations for you. Or put a cash donation in the envelope and mark it as indicated above.

Or make an online donation for international disaster relief through this link;

Or for U.S. disaster relief through this link.

In a letter to his fellow bishops, Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton said, UMCOR needs your "support so that the organization, known for being “early in, last out,” can continue to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery assistance to survivors.

"The work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief is widely recognized as something that unites us all. Your contributions will enable the unifying work of UMCOR to continue long into the future."

Eventually there will be a need for cleaning buckets and mission teams to aid in the recovery, but for now the most effective response is a monetary donation. Please prayerfully consider how you may be able to help. Thank you!

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