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Things are a happening!

Please stay tuned to our Blog and watch for new and exciting events at our church.

One item I can share with you now is effective July 3, 2022 our Sunday service will

change to 9:00AM. Please make a note of this.

We have had a couple of exciting events this past month.

On Saturday, April 30th we hosted a Pasta Dinner Fundraiser. We received donations from local

vendors of pasta, meatballs salads and desserts. The vendors were Stone Fire, Sette E Venti, Mardino's, M&R Deli, Exit 4, Sinappi's, Gerardo's DeCicco's & Sons, Shop Rite, Lucia's, Stop & Shop, Lefteris Gyro.

On May 5 & 6th we hosted a Mother's Day Plant Sale. We sold hanging baskets and even though

the weather didn't cooperate we still managed to sell most of our plants. This is an annual event

so look for us again next May.

On May 14th we hosted our Annual Flea Market. We use to hold the flea market twice a year. Now we are hosting a flea market monthly while the weather is good. The Flea Markets will be held on the first Saturday of the month. The next one will be Saturday, June 4th.

This past Sunday, May 15th we held a Faith In Action. A group of church people got together and cleaned the yard of one of our older parishioners.

United Methodist Church of Mt. Kisco is alive and kicking. Please join us for services every Sunday at 10:15am until June 26th then we will be changing to 9:00am service beginning July 3rd.

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